Grand Theft Auto 2 (GTA2) 1.0

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Complete and free version of the second part of the popular Grand Theft Auto saga.

There are few in the world who don´t know Grand Theft Auto. A revolutionary game that at first caused something of a scandal but when it was developed into 3D it became a legendary videogame. With the GTA: Vice City, GTA: Liberty Stories and above all GTA: San Andreas versions, the Grand Theft Auto saga has written its place in the videogame Hall of Fame.

If you want to go back in time and enjoy the origins of the saga, you only have to use the pioneeering game: GTA or the second part GTA 2. In GTA 2 the creators went one better than the original. They improved the graphics, conserving the 2D skyview, and offered new possibilities to move around the city and commit all types of crime. A game that, for the first time, placed the player in with the criminals, the bad guys of the movies.

The game takes place in Anywhere City, which is divided into three zones: Commercial, Residential and Industrial. You are part of a gang and can choose which gang in which zone (three zones and therefore three gangs). Your boss gives orders via public telephones, and you follow those orders with the aim of getting the highest score and the highest placing on the Police "Most Wanted" list.

This version of GTA 2 has been lightly modified with respect to the original so it can work without problems on a PC running a Windows operating system. Get it now, for free!


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